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Planning a Wine Tasting Trip

There are hundreds of wonderful wineries in Sonoma and Napa, so how do you figure out how to visit the best ones? Uncorking Wine Country is simplifying the process of planning a wine tasting trip. With more than 20 years in the industry, we know this is not easy. On the map wineries Sonoma and Napa look so close to each other, so you book it and then realize it will take an hour to get to the next one!

Hundreds of times I have heard people say they can’t figure out what wineries to choose to visit. They know they want to taste great wine, see beautiful views, relax or learn something new about wine, but trying to find those experiences can take hours and hours of research and planning and you still might end up with snags in your schedule.

And then there is transportation to figure out! FYI, Uber and Lyft suck in wine country. The key here is “Country”. We are in the country but get hundreds of thousands of visitors to wineries, so trying to get around via these driver services makes for a challenging day. I’ve seen people wait up to an hour to get an Uber and then they missed their tasting appointment.

We certainly don’t recommend driving yourself. People day drink here! Drinking and driving never mix. But how do you find transportation options? A car and driver, a designated driver service? Are you bringing your designated driver with you (aka, your teenager who would rather stay at home!)

Uncorking Wine Country has put all our experience and local knowledge together for you. You choose from the type of experience you want, select the date, choose a driver option and even a lunch option. We have it set for you to pay for the tour package online without any hassles! Start enjoying your wine country vacation even before you arrive by letting us do the arrangements for you.


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