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Wine Tasting Etiquette

You’re so excited for your day of wine tasting, so don’t ruin it by being that person! Taste like a pro and your winery hosts will be happy to pour you a taste of that extra special, double top-secret wine they have behind the counter.

  1. Arrive on time for your tasting appointment (if you are having trouble getting there on time, call to let them know.)

  2. Let the winery know if you have a change of reservation. If they are expecting 2 people and you show up with 10, this could create a problem as they may not have seating or enough staff.

  3. Be au naturale! You are beautiful just as you are, so leave the lipstick in the tube. If you where lipstick, you will taste lipstick with the wine and it is very difficult to get lipstick off of the glasses. It has to be hand-washed as wine glass washers tend to cook the lipstick onto the glass.

  4. Smell the wine not your cologne. It is best not to wear fragrances or strong smelling lotions when wine tasting. Wine tasting is an aromatherapy activity so be scent-free so you can enjoy it.

  5. Gratuity. If you went to a bar and ordered a beer which took the bartender 10 seconds to pour for you, you would tip them, right? Well, in most cases your winery hosts are going to be spending 60 to 90 minutes with you! Wine tasting hosts are well educated in wine knowledge but they are usually paid as hourly employees and rely on tips! Also, if you hire a driver, be good to them as they will have to put up with your group drinking all day!


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