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Wine Country Pop-Up Experiences

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Book an Uncorking
Pop-Up for Your Group

Enliven your wine country trip with a unique pop-up experience in your home, vacation rental or hotel*. Book these experiences on their own or add a wine tasting to do with them. 


Mindfulness and Wine: We will walk you through a mindfulness journey that exposes you to sensory input related to wine: textures, aromas, and the visual beauty of wine country. It’s a sensory sensation that will enhance your appreciation of wine. 

Yoga Then Wine: Our yoga instructor will invigorate your group with a 45-minute yoga class. Afterward, you'll indulge your tastebuds with a selection of local wines.

Palate Sensory Education: We teach you how to understand your palate as it relates to wine with a palate sensory experience. You'll also enjoy an aroma experience that highlights the common aromas found in wine. With some wine education mixed in!

Pricing for These Pop-Ups

  • 1-6 People, $300 +$35 per person for tasting.

  • 7-10 People, $350 +$35 per person for tasting.

  • 11-14 People, $400 +$35 per person for tasting.


*You must gain permission from your hotel for us to provide this experience.

Book at a Location Partner

Want to do one of these experiences at one of our preferred outdoor locations or partner wineries? Send us a reservation request email with the requested date and time and number of people in your party.

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Bring an Uncorking
Pop-Up to Your Winery

Give your club members and repeat customers a new reason to visit you or entice new customers with these unique pop-up experiences. These pop-ups can be tailored to your winery brand, space and group size. They are perfect as a supplement to an event or for private groups (minimum of 4 people).

Pop-Up Options

  • Mindfulness with Wine

  • Yoga Then Wine (Private Groups Only)

  • Wine Trivia Rounds

  • Palate Sensory Education

Girl doing yoga sitting in a field with vineyard.jpg
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