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Wine Tour Package Pricing

Our tour packages include ALL TASTING FEES. Wine tasting experiences in Sonoma are generally less expensive than tastings in Napa. Below we have listed explanations for how our tour packages are priced.

Wine Tasting Events

Each tour package has a base price that includes all 3 tasting fees and our tour service fee which is $50 per person*. Depending on the package, the base prices range from $200 to $675 per person. If you book a tour with a base price of $200 per person, we have $150 per person that is used on the tasting experiences. That means we have an average price of $50 per tasting per person. Because tasting fees at different wineries vary, when we book the 3 tastings for you we might have one that is $50 per person, one tasting that is $60 per person and one that is $40 per person. 

To understand why tasting fees are expensive, read our blog post "The Price of Wine Tasting Seems High".


*Our Customize Your Tour packages are more complicated for us to arrange, so our tour service fee is $60 per person. 

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