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Wine Country in Winter

Napa and Sonoma are magical in winter. Most people think they should visit during the summer for our long, hot summer days or in the fall for our harvest season, but winter is a fantastic time to visit. Uncorking Wine Country tour packages include special winter-time events whenever possible.

One reason to visit during the winter is that the hotel prices tend to drop significantly and you are more likely to get your first choice in vacation rental or hotel. Vacation rentals in the middle of Napa Valley on a weekend in September can average $400+ per night (before taxes and fees) for 2 people and $750 to $1000 per night for 4 people. Hotel rooms in Napa Valley can average $400 on the low end and $1500 a night on the high end. In Sonoma County the pricing is a little lower, but still expensive. In January, the prices tend to be about $100-$150 less per night. Vacation rentals in January can be a 25-50% less than during the summer and fall.

Another reason to visit is the greatly reduced traffic, especially on the weekends. Most poeple don't realize that the roads throughout wine country are still narrow country lanes. The few major highways we have running through Napa and Sonoma can get really backed up and it can take up to an hour to go just a few miles.

The winter, into spring, is the rainy season but we often have rainbows during that time which are beautiful as they cascase across the sky with the mountains in the background.

The days from December through February may be short, but the fun is in abundance. Here are a few things we recommend doing in the winter.

There are too many to name, so check out the calendar links above.


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